Reischl machine heads are among the very finest tuners available, each set is a handcrafted work of art suitable for the world's finest classical guitars.

Landstorfer tuners first became famous after being used on guitars by Hermann Hauser I more than 50 years ago. Klaus Reischl and his son Josef took up the Landstorfer legacy in 1974 and today Reischl machine heads are still made in the traditional Landstorfer method using much of the same equipment.


Reischls are among the best looking tuners available with a handsome, traditionally handmade appearance. They also have a reputation for being very long lasting precision machines. Landstorfer and Reischl tuners have been used and are still used on guitars by some of the world's most highly regarded classical guitar makers including Hermann Hauser III, Manuel Velaquez, Miguel Rodriguez, Jose Romanillos, Robert Ruck and Edmund Blochinger. Many sets of Landstorfers from the Hauser I era are still on guitars and functioning well, which is evidence of the superior quality of tuners made in the Landstorfer/Reischl tradition.


Only the finest and most beautiful materials are used including black or white mother of pearl and black buffalo horn. The baseplates on the Superstar models feature a handsome brushed patina while other models are either embossed with a traditional 'fish scale' pattern or hand engraved and plated in either gold or silver.


Mr Reischl makes every set of these tuners himself in his workshop in Munich Germany; they are a beautiful, handmade item which is in high demand from luthiers and guitar enthusiasts worldwide. We are therefore very honoured to be able to use Reichl machine heads on our finest instruments.

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