Hancock fine classical guitars are built by father Kim and sons Dane and Sean  in the Hancock family workshop on Australia's Gold Coast.  

We built our instruments to the designs of master luthiers Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser I, and Miguel Rodriguez Jr. We believe these traditionally proven designs have a timeless character. Our philosophy is that guitars built in this style have the most pleasing timbre for classical music, while also giving beautiful results to other styles of music.

Attention to detail is of the highest priority as we build our instruments, we produce only about 12 instruments per year with up to 200 hours spent constructing each guitar. This amount of labour results in a guitar with close to perfect workmanship and a look of genuine quality craftsmanship.

Our passion for fine woodwork is matched only by our desire to build beautiful sounding instruments. A sensitivity to the materials we work with is a key principle we use when building a guitar. Each component is made to exacting specifications and then tuned to suit the piece of timber it is made from. This gives the finished instrument the maximum sonorities available with the greatest projection and most beautiful tone possible.

Awareness of the beliefs and design philosophies of the luthier, who's work we are basing our instruments on, is also a very important aim. It is crucial for the guitar not just to have a beautiful sound, but also to have a sound that reflects that of the original.

What we have found is that if we attempt to come as close as possible to the true sound of a master luthier's work, the result will be a pleasing instrument with strong characteristics of the original and some qualities of our own personal style of construction.

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The Hancock workshop - Where our guitars are completely handmade 





Attention to detail - Is of the highest priority during every stage of construction and finishing





Exacting workmanship - is evident in the fine mosaic inlay work in our instruments










Our finished guitars - are set up for optimum tone, volume and playability